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Digital Bank

Seeing the explosive growth of electronic money and technology 4.0, we set up an electronic money-lending bank, thereby generating a safe and sustainable profit stream

Make A Profit Every Day

Besides, we also receive funds from customers to give them a profit every day without doing anything.


based the best on the Blockchain

JADECRYPTO is a project developed by blockchain ERC20 technology.

JADECRYPTO is supported and consulted by top financial corporations in the world, along with experts in stock, Forex and Altcoin.

Project profit is based on the algorithm of market balance point to decide whether to Buy or Sell.



Established JDC Project
First quarter of 2019
Mobilized investment fund with JDC and connected investors
Last quarter of 2019
Building JDC fund
First quarter of 2020
Launching JDC application
Second quarter of 2020
Issuing JDC Token code
Third quarter of 2020
Trading JDC coin
Fourth quarter of 2020
Releasing digital bank for crypto currency lending



USD 100
  • static 0.2%/day
  • Period 180 days
  • Maxout USD 1000
  • Free XRP 50


USD 500
  • Static 0.3%/day
  • Period 180 days
  • Maxout USD 2000
  • Free XRP 250


USD 1000
  • Static 0.4%/day
  • Period 180 days
  • Maxout USD 3000
  • Free XRP 500


USD 5000
  • Static 0.5%/day
  • Period 180 days
  • Maxout UnLimited
  • Free XRP 2500


USD 10000
  • Share 0.6%/day
  • Period 180 days
  • Maxout UnLimited
  • Free XRP 5000

Platinum +

USD 25000
  • Share 0.8%/day
  • Period 180 days
  • Maxout UnLimited
  • Free XRP 12500

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Token Distribution

planing develop JDC token

Listing on Nasdaq market

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